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The healthtracker for your dog.

  • water and dustproof
  • lightweight
  • only. 40mm diameter and 11mm thin
  • battery included
  • up to 4 month batterylife
  • fits to nearly every collar
  • CE certified
  • without monthly fees
  • Made in Germany!

Nicht vorrätig


furryfit activtymonitor for dogs.

With the furryfit dogtracker the life of your dog will change to the good. Get insights to your dogs life and health you never had before.

The tracker does not only measures the activity but could also be used to monitor the overall health of your pet. We developed together with our vetenerians a specific algorithm to calculate the indivividual energy consumption of the dogs.


perfect for:

a healthier doglife, better dogtraining, better results in dogsports, compare several dogs with each other

Recommended by german vetenerians!


– daily goal
– individual calory consumption
– resttimes
– exact activitygraphs
– 4 month batterylife
– water and dustproof
– fits nearly every collar


– Made and developed in Germany –


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